Vodacom Foundation


The Vodacom Foundation has selected three priority areas for social investment funding and these are education, health and welfare as well safety and security. In selecting the projects in which the Foundation, which is the corporate social investment arm of South Africas leading cellular communications company Vodacom, primarily looks at such characteristics as positive impact, sustainability and cost-effectiveness of a project.

The Foundation has followed the same criteria in its decision to make a multimillion rand investment in Cell-Life, within the area of health.


The Raith Foundation logo


The RAITH Foundation was the first supporter of the Cellphones 4 HIV project.  This falls within their programme for technological innovation for Helathcare.  The RAITH Foundation has committed to three years of support for Cellphones 4 HIV.





JHHESA is a leading organisation supporting several projects using communication to prevent new HIV infections. JHHESA is a recipient of funding from the PEPFAR programme of USAID.  Cell-Life is doing two things with JHHESA: Cell-Life is providing the EMIT data collection tool to the range of JHHESA partners; and also JHHESA is supporting Cellphones 4 HIV work in mass broadcast SMS, MXIT and HIV Counselling.


Bowman Gilfillan logo

Bowman Gilfillan provides a comprehensive law service founded on legal expertise and built around clients' needs and expectations. Based in South Africa and being one of the oldest and largest law firms in Africa, Bowman Gilfillan draws from a wide base of skills and expertise at all levels of experience and seniority to merge technically correct legal advice with sound business sense.

Bowman Gilfillan commits itself to making significant contributions to assist poor or otherwise disempowered persons to access justice and quality legal services; to the development of the Constitution and Constitutional jurisprudence; to the clarification or resolution of legal matters of public interest and to the creation of a positive public image of the attorneys' profession, directly or by co-operating with or assisting appropriate organisations or individuals. Bowman Gilfillan will provide its practitioners with the opportunities and facilities to enable them to fulfil their individual ethical and community service obligations.

Bowman Gilfillan has provided legal services to Cell-Life on a pro bono basis regarding their registration as a Section 21 company (association not for gain), the drafting of a non-disclosure agreement and the drafting of an e-mail disclaimer. Bowman Gilfillan have also attended to the registration of a trademark in respect of Cell-Life's intellectual property and continues to provide legal services to Cell-Life in various other matters on a pro bono basis.


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Internet Solutions have supported Cell-Life since 2005 by sponsoring all of the bandwidth that we use from our offices in Cape Town.