Encouraging HIV testing through SMS


South Africa’s remarkably high rate of cellphone subscriptions (93 per 100 people)1 presents an opportunity to use cellphones to reach people with HIV-related messaging. Cell-Life used a randomised controlled study design to test whether SMSs could be used to get people to test for HIV. The study methodology was highly innovative - all participant interactions were done via SMS, from recruitment through to feedback (finding out if people tested). We found that 10 motivational-style SMSs got a statistically significant amount of people to test compared to the control.

SMSs sent to the study participants

To view the poster presented at the 5th SA AIDS Conference, click here

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1 International Telecommunication Union. Mobile cellular subscriptions 2009. Available at www.itu.int/ITU-D/ICTEYE/Indicators/Indicators.aspx#