Community is a major part of any open source project, the more community involvement in the project, the better the final product will be. Cell-Life actively encourages involvement from people using, supporting and implementing iDART and also from anyone else who may be interested.

For more information on open source visit The Open Source Initiative.

How to get involved

For Implementers

Help us maintain and improve the implementers wiki (still being set up). This wiki is used to document information that is useful when implementing iDART and ranges from troubleshooting printers to training tips. This information is not all generated by Cell-Life but can be added to and edited by anyone.
Implementers mailing List (archive)
This list is the best place for people who are implementing iDART to ask question and discuss implementation issues. New releases of the software are also announced on this list.

For developers

If you are a developer and want to get involve the source code and technical documentation are available from the iDART wiki. Please also join the development mailing list and let us know you are keen to help.
iDART wiki
The developers site is used by developers as a collaboration and documentation tool.
Developers mailing list (archive)
The developers list is where discussions relating to iDART development happen. If you intend to do any iDART development it would be a good idea to join this list.
T icket mailing list (archive)
All changes to iDART tickets are copied to this mailing list. This is useful if you are want to keep abreast of ticket changes. (Tickets are used to keep track of what work is being done or needs to be done on iDART).