Mobilisr is the open source mobile platform that has been developed for this project by Cell-Life with Praekelt Foundation and Upfront Systems. To visit the Mobilisr website, click here.



Mobilisr was designed and created to:

  • Increase access to information in any sector such as health, employment, or public safety
  • Facilitate two way communication between citizens and service providers

In the health arena, Mobilisr can be utlised to:

  • Enhance patient adherence to ARV drugs, and increase links between the health system and the patient
  • Build the capacity of organizations working with HIV/AIDS
  • Support mass messaging to prevent new infections, to give information to support treatment of those infected, and to reduce isolation of those infected or affected by HIV
  • Strengthen the healthcare system

Cell Life works with government, non-profit organizations, private sector, research institutions and other organizations that share our commitment to improve health and wellbeing in Africa.



It allows the operator to create and manage campaigns. Through this the operator can perform the various underlying features as well as schedule the start and end date of the campaign, view revenues and the numerical targets.


This feature allows the operator to send a bulk SMS to different groups of end users. In this feature, the operator can have as many groups as desired and add individual contacts to these groups. This feature can be used in conjunction with Keyword, Subscribe, Unsubscribe SMS.


The broadcast SMS feature, allows the operator to schedule the broadcasting of bulk SMS to different groups of end users on a particular day and at any particular time.


This feature allows the operator to setup a keyword SMS and optionally the message to be delivered. The end users can use this keyword to enter in their cellular devices to get the appropriate message content.


The Keyword SMS feature, allows the operator to setup a keyword SMS with certain credits that will be pledged to the desired recipient. The end users can then use this pledge keyword and pledge in their donation.

  • USSD

USSD is an interactive menu driven service with custom content that can be dynamically viewed by end users. The operator setups the content which the end user can access by dialing, e.g. *120*7675*555# and receive the content. We are currently working on creating dynamic USSD which will allow for simple data capture and specific browsing.


A feature like the Keyword SMS allows the operator to setup a Subscribe/Unsubscribe keyword with an appropriate group. The end users implementing that Subscribe/Unsubscribe keyword can then send a SMS to a specific address and be registered/de-registered to receive the appropriate content.