Our Open Source Tools

Cell-Life's mobile data collection system - EMIT - is built on 100% open source tools. Each of the tools have well established communities and are in use globally. These factors help maintain the quality and cutting edge nature of EMIT.


JavaRosa is an open-source platform for data collection on mobile devices. At its core, JavaRosa is based on the XForms standard -- the official W3C standard for next-generation data collection and interchange. JavaRosa is written in Java Mobile Edition (J2ME), and supports a wide array of devices, from top-end smart phones and PDAs with large screens and abundant memory, to low-end device. The thriving community shares experience in using the code in various projects across Africa, Asia and the Americas.

Get the code, see the videos and learn more about the community at: code.javarosa.org


Limesurvey is the world's leading open source survey tool, and is used by government, business and various software houses.

Get the code, and learn more about the community at: www.limesurvey.org


Pentaho Corporation is the commercial open source alternative for Business Intelligence (BI). Pentaho BI Suite Enterprise Edition provides comprehensive reporting, OLAP analysis, dashboards, data integration, data mining and a BI platform that have made it the world's leading and most widely deployed open source BI suite.

Get the code, and learn more about the community at: www.pentaho.org


Interested in development @ cell-life? we're always interested in new people and ideas to contribute and collaborate at the code level - contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it