What is Capture?

Capture is a mobile data collection system which allows fieldworkers to fill in forms on their cellphones from any location. Because Capture is mobile and web-based, data is captured and can be analysed immediately, offering faster feedback and greater accuracy, while saving the costs of manual data capture. Capture was previously known as EMIT. Visit the old EMIT website here.

The Capture workflow:

How Capture works


As a business tool, Capture allows you to increase productivity whilst reducing costs. It's a non-negotiable investment in your organisation's efficiency.

Here's how you'll benefit.

You'll work faster.

  • By eliminating paper surveys, you reduce the turnaround time on gathering and interpreting data.

  • Data can be extracted and analysed immediately, allowing faster feedback.

  • Employees will save time on administration and paperwork.

You'll work more accurately.

  • Your data is more accurate, as incomplete surveys cannot be submitted.

  • You'll have access to real-time data, as forms can be submitted immediately after capturing.

  • Transferring data from paper surveys to electronic spreadsheets leaves room for error, and accuracy is hard to monitor. Capture eliminates this risk.

You can work from anywhere.

  • Because Capture is mobile-based, you don’t have to be in the same location as your fieldworkers.

  • In areas where reception is poor, your fieldworkers can save collected data to be sent later.

It's more cost-effective.

  • Employees' productivity can be monitored by the number of surveys submitted – you'll always know what they're doing, and when.

  • You'll save costs on paper, transport and manual data capturers.


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